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SureShot's "Dianodrol" Excursion

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  • SureShot's "Dianodrol" Excursion

    First off, I would like to salute BA and Celtic Labs for making this experience possible. During this run i'll be keeping track of changes in bodyweight, libido, strength and sides both positive and negative.

    Product arrived this past friday and due to site being down, i decided to start my run yesterday at the beginning of the week oppose the endinding of the week.

    Yesterday dosed 60mg. 2 in the am and 2 in the pm. And what i noticed from first and second dosing is a feeling some sort of energy jolt with a nice pump. So just off those 2 characteristics from the compound, im stoked. I now this compound is going to take my sessions to another level, if this acts anything simular to cel m14add. M14ADD was one of my favorite orals, (miss this one big time).

    I will be on a bulking phase during this run, so if im able to attain anywhere between 5-10lbs. im good. Only have 1 bottle at the moment, but that can change depending on experience. For i wont mind extending run on my own coin if product delivers.

    My excercises during this cycle will consist of strictly calethenics and dumbells excecises.

    Starting weight as of yesterday: 218lb.

    Target weight: 223-225lb.

    Is it possible? Hell to the Yeah!!!!!!

    Will post up todays results later this afternoon.... Stay Tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    ****************FINAL REVIEW********************

    Weight: 225lbs.(+7lbs.)

    Lost 2lbs. along the way but got them back plus 2 more. Not bad.

    So i was able to achieve my goal during this 1 bottle run.

    Was going to finish of at 120mg. but decided to keep it at 90mg. So i could finish off entire week.

    Dosed at 120 mg. for 1 day only, and that seemed to be the spot for me, so next time around i'll set things off at 120 mg. for the entire duration.

    Didnt experience any sides(Bad) until last 3 days, frequent erections were gone. Still functionable but no random boners. And thats it for sides.Oh and i noticed i would sweat more often.

    Strength continued to increase through out cycle but noticed big difference when dosed at 120mg oppose to the 90mg.

    Size wise, lost a few around the waist but arms, shoulders, and chest been on swole patrol for the last 3 weeks. And its been noticable, cause ive gotten a few remarks.

    Would have like to stack with another compound such as ment or sd, but theres always next time.

    Started pct yesterday and being it was a short run, come end of july or early august i should be ready for another run, just not sure yet what compounds will be used.

    Thank you Ba and Celtic for giving me this opportunity and turning me on to another great creation from Ba and the celtic squad,