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  • Diabolix Solo Review

    Okay brothers so this is my personal review of Diabolix. I ran this solo for~aprx 6 weeks. I started at 45mg daily and went up to 105. I started at 220 ish and ended at 217. My diet wasnt "dirty" per say but it wasn't strictly clean either. So let's run through the sides and benefits shall we?


    high blood pressure. There was one big spikebut was handled with a bp script so problem solved.

    Dry mouth- didn't really notice this until I stopped it that it was probably the diabolix that was causing it. So be sure to go heavy on the fluid.

    Also noticed a small bit of nausea each time I increased the dose but that quickly went away.

    The benefits

    Mild strength increase at 60. And another mild increase at 90

    Good nutrient repartitioning -
    I do definitely notice more cuts and veins now than at the beginning while like I said not having a very clean diet

    Once I got up to 90 and 105 is where muscle fullness came into play. The muscle stayed full most of the day which added a more round look to the shoulders in particular. Started getting more "looks" in the gym

    Also at 105 I began to have more of that alpha feeling which coresponds with the looks.

    All in all while I think this is more of a stacker to someone who is experienced while not ruling out a great introduction to orals for someone who is more of a beginner. I think that it would do well as a cutter provided diet, training, and cardio are in the mix. I did no cardio and still lost fat. I also don't rule out using to recomp as that is somewhat what I did without even trying. I think the nutrient repartitioning could help while trying to add muscle as well or bulk so to speak because the food is being utilized.

    This is all just imo and it is open to criticism or praise whichever you feel like.

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    Nice review Milkhouse! I would be interested in giving this stuff a try.